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how do we get her to congress?

Someone needs to introduce her to Jesus bruh..


maybe she got Jesus already. you  don’t know her life

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Frank Ocean | Wisemen

“Frank Ocean wrote a fantastic ballad that was truly lovely and poetic in every way, there just wasn’t a scene for it. I could have thrown it in quickly just to have it, but that’s not why he wrote it and not his intention. So I didn’t want to cheapen his effort. But, the song is fantastic, and when Frank decides to unleash it on the public, they’ll realize it then.”

— Quentin Tarantino explaining why he didn’t use the song in “Django Unchained.”

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Nick Grimshaw and Daisy Lowe in Primrose Hill on September 22, 2014.

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how to get girls to like you:

  1. compliment their eyebrows
  2. eat them out
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Chain Bridge, Budapest (by Luís Henrique Boucault)

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the famous “bro, but look how many ants are on this fucking trashcan” conversation

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bottoming for the first time